[RndTbl] VOIP

John Lange john.lange at open-it.ca
Mon Oct 24 21:21:46 CDT 2005

Speaking as a VoIP provider let me say that you can use our service
without giving up your MTS number and that it has all the features you
want with the added bonus of being significantly less expensive than

I'll refrain from further self-promotion on this list but if you would
like more information please email me directly.

John Lange
OpenIT ltd. www.Open-IT.ca (204) 885 0872
VoIP, Web services, Linux Consulting, Server Co-Location

On Mon, 2005-10-24 at 20:53 -0500, Dan Martin wrote:
> I want my computer to act as a super answering machine, storing messages 
> as sound files indexed by the number of the caller.  I tried some 
> Windows software a while back and bought an external modem to work with 
> it, but it didn't work terribly well.
> I'm trying Vonage VOIP mainly to get such features (the amount I will 
> save on long distance calls is marginal).  The problem is, the temporary 
> number they have assigned me does not allow such features, only outgoing 
> calls.  I have to surrender my MTS number to even try it out.
> If I give up my MTS number, which I hadn't intended to do before a good 
> trial, I will have only one phone in the house and it will die every 
> time Shaw Cable goes out.
> Does anyone out there have experiences to share about VOIP service 
> providers?  Is there software +/- hardware that will allow me to use my 
> computer as an answering machine (with call display info) on regular 
> phone lines?

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