[RndTbl] burning DVD on OS/X Panther

Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Tue Oct 18 19:54:17 CDT 2005

 Finally! my e-mail account is back up and running.

On October 18, 2005 02:52 pm, millward wrote this amazing epistle:
> First, I'd like to thank Shawn Wallbridge for the .PDF files.
> Great stuff.

 Good presentation too.

> My question is for OS/X users. I won a Knoppix DVD door prize
> but since I don't have a DVD burner, I took it to my friend who
> has a PowerPC OS/X Panther system. To my surprise, his
> system failed to read the Knoppix DVD, so could not burn a
> copy of it. We think OS/X can't deal with the Linux file system,
> probably ext3.

 I'm not an expert. Others may be able to confirm what I say or not...

 OS X does see ext3 partitions. It just doesn't like them. When I was doing 
that bit I mentioned a few weeks ago about the USB box, the OS X machine I 
eventually used to format the last partition on the drive saw the ext3 
partion as UFS (Unix File System) and refused to have anything to do with it. 
I thought I saw something on Freshmeat today which was supposed to allow OS X 
to see it. I didn't bother checking out the project (moving on to other 
things and all that).

 The other thing which occurs to me is it may be possible to do a bit copy of 
the DVD. I have no idea what options to check to do one, but I am told it is 

>  How do you get OS/X to recognize the ext3 file system and
> be able to read from it?  Of course my assumption that a
> Knoppix DVD uses ext3 might be completely wrong. In that
> case, what file system are we dealing with and, again, how
> do I get OS/X to read it?

 I'd like to know too.

>    I'm not too keen on buying a DVD burner myself since next
> year Blue-Ray and HD DVD will have arrived and made it
> instantly obsolete. I once had a programming instructor who
> refused to purchase his own computer for this very reason.
> I used to think he was nuts. Now I'm not so sure.

 The thing with the HD and Blue-Ray is compatability. It should be easy to 
make Blue-Ray compatable with HD but from what I've heard not so easy to go 
the other way. I'm not too happy with the rumoured "self destruct" capability 
being built into Blue-Ray. I thought Pioneer was going to release Blue-Ray as 
the 110 model (which is already being sold)...


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