[RndTbl] drive partitioning for Linux install

Dan Martin ummar143 at cc.umanitoba.ca
Sun Oct 9 21:27:53 CDT 2005

Mike Pfaiffer wrote:

>On October 9, 2005 02:45 pm, Dan Martin wrote this amazing epistle:
>> I have a 200 GB IDE drive in a USB box. The old machine sees it
>>perfectly under Windows (and presumably under Linux).  I am pretty sure
>>that I cannot boot from it, so I got 2 WD 120GB internal drives that I
>>am having some adventures with.
> Booting depends on the BIOS. It'll have to be a newer one. For storage I find 
>it great. If speed isn't essential it's a decent alternative. It doesn't 
>involve taking the machine apart and the power source is external.
>>The USB will come in very handy, however.  When I get the hang of the dd
>>command and make sure that I'm not using it in such a way that I trash
>>my systems, I will use it to ghost a copy of my laptop harddrive to a
>>file on the USB HD.
> Never used dd much. I got it to work half the time (my fault it didn't work 
>the other half). If your laptop drive is only used for data (ie. you don't 
>care about the image booting or you'd prefer a fresh OS each time) you can 
>just use the cp command. 
That's the trick - keeping the OS, software, etc.  For data, I copy to 
USB all the time.  But I have no way of booting if something happens to 
the hard drive - hopefully by having a ghost of it I can pop in a new 
drive if it fails, and restore from the ghost via USB.


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