[RndTbl] Tips for isolating causes of system load

John Lange john.lange at open-it.ca
Sat Feb 12 13:42:18 CST 2005

Does anyone know of a way from the command line to find out what
specific apache process is doing?

This needs to be something that could work in an automated way.

Background: We sometimes have certain apache processes go out of control
and consume too much CPU. The reason for this varies. Sometimes its
users trying to write their PHP or Perl scripts or run some other
process and some times its outside "attacks". For example, today we had
to block a japanese robot that was written by a comp-sci class because
it was attempting to index every day, of every month of every year of a
users entire events calender. It was at the year 2015 and climbing
before we stopped it.

At the moment I can use top or ps to find out which process ID is
causing the load and then view apache's /server-status/ to see which
page requests are causing the issue. This is great except its a manual
process and I can't always get to the console in time to identify the

Anyone have any suggestions for a little bash script that could do this

John Lange

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