[RndTbl] Accurate Monitoring of system load

John Lange john.lange at open-it.ca
Fri Dec 16 11:33:19 CST 2005

Does anyone have any suggestions for accurate monitoring of system load
on web servers?

In the situation where you have a server which is hosting multiple
applications I've found it next to impossible to determine with any
accuracy what applications or pages within those applications are
causing load.

At any given moment its easy to see what is using CPU and memory. But in
the case of a web server these are brief spikes that don't mean
anything. Whats needed is a way to see what has caused the most load
over a given time period (say the last 10 minutes).

Does anyone have any suggestions for tools that can help determine load.

John Lange
OpenIT ltd. www.Open-IT.ca (204) 885 0872
VoIP, Web services, Linux Consulting, Server Co-Location

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