[RndTbl] Am I the only one having problems with Kernel 2.6/FC3?

Sean A. Walberg sean at ertw.com
Sat Apr 2 15:06:24 CST 2005

I upgraded my machine from FC1 to FC3 a while back.  My sound card
(ens1371) then started playing a lot of static whenever I used it.  You
could make out whatever you were trying to play, but it was very choppy
and hard to understand.  

I played around with some BIOS settings, and found that turning off a
lot of the PCI bells and whistles made it semi-usable, there is still
static but at least it's playing at what seems like full speed.

This weekend I swapped motherboards with another one of my computers and
nothing at all worked.  I couldn't get my machine to boot, and when I
finally did, I was getting kernel panics during the boot sequence.  I
installed RH9, and it worked perfectly.  Swapped everything back to
where it was before, and things are back to normal (except the sound
still sucks).

I Googled around and can't find anything similar.  I even filed a
Bugzilla report on the sound problem a few months ago but I haven't
heard anything on it.  I can't believe I'm the only person having
problems with FC3!

Just curious if anyone else has run into similar problems before I re-
install with FC2.



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