[RndTbl] Asterisk x100p clone?

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 24 21:45:52 CDT 2004

I bumped into a reference.


A quote in a 2002 Asterisk white paper:

"The zaptel telephony infrastructure was jointly developed by Mark 
Spencer of Linux Support Services, Inc. and Jim Dixon of Zapata 
Telephony. The zaptel interface breaks with the established conventional 
wisdom by using the host processor to simulate the TDM bus
which is typically built into other telephony interfaces (e.g. Dialogic 
and other H.100 vendors)."

The schematics, etc are available at the above site. It is not the X100P 
but the original ISA card.


Sean A. Walberg wrote:
> I remember hearing that the Wildfire x100p FXO card was open source, and 
> that clones have been made.  Is this correct, and does anyone know where 
> to find the schematics?
> Thanks,
> Sean

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