[RndTbl] Fw: user unable to login after session drop in RedHat

Steve Moffat Steve.Moffat at ca.ibm.com
Mon Sep 20 10:21:17 CDT 2004

Hi MUUG Roundtable;
I have a physically remote system that is accessed using ssh.  On a fairly
regular basis the session drops (I suspect due to network issues).  Once
the session has dropped though, I can't login again using that same userid.
I can get logged in as root, and have tried killing all the processes from
that user (which are now owned by init "1"), but can't get rid of them all.
There doesn't appear to be any associated sshd or getty processes.

Anyone have an idea how to resolve this without at "windows style" reboot?

In case it matters, this is RedHat Enterprise License 3.0.  I'm using a
terminal emulator called "putty" from my end, though I'm not sure the
problem is related to the emulator... guess it's possible, but that fact
that I can account for all the sshd processes kinda means to me that the
tcp/ip connection is down and the kernel is trying to clean up.

 Any ideas are welcome.
Steve Moffat

IBM Global Services
sjm at ca.ibm.com

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