[RndTbl] Maximum file size?

Michael J. Dikkema mjd at moot.ca
Mon Jul 19 06:38:03 CDT 2004

> "Using the LFS API is pretty straightforward; it can be as simple as
> adding -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE to the C compiler
> options and recompiling."
> So I assume this is:

Never tried it this way, I usually edit the Makefile.

> Does anyone know if this tip also applies when compiling the kernel
> itself or just to applications?

Only applications. It's been 3 years since I last did this. I believe I
had to patch glibc at one point, too. How old is this install and what
distro was it based on?

> And finally, is there a way to see if a binary has been compiled with
> LFS? Something like "ldd" perhaps?

I believe you can use nm to find the symbols that it's dropped in, but I
forget what they are. Compile it with large file support, and again
without. | cut | sort | uniq | diff to find them. :)

You could also strace | grep open and look for O_LARGEFILE

Michael J. Dikkema, CCNP, CCIP
Senior Systems Engineer - Qanda Networks
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