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Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Mon Jul 12 23:13:52 CDT 2004

You might want to look at the mdbtools package that I wrote about in 
MUUGlines a few months ago, it is a Unix application that can read from 
Access databases directly. You might be better off exporting the data 
with that rather than Access directly. I used it to import a table with 
3/4 million records into mysql (I took the lazy way out and just used 
some scripts to alter the text file into a bunch of sql commands).


On 12-Jul-04, at 10:59 PM, John Lange wrote:

> This really isn't a Unix question directly so I apologize for that.
> However, I have a feeling that others here might have done something
> like this.
> I have a client who would like their data converted from Access to
> mySQL. I'm using PHP to do the import because it plays so nice with
> mySQL and I'm making some changes to the data while it is being
> imported. So far so good, we are 90% there.
> The problem is, Access does not export to a valid CSV format.
> Specifically, if there are any text or memo fields in Access that 
> happen
> to contain CR/LF Access does not strip them or escape them in any way.
> The results in a CSV file with end of line markers in the middle of 
> data
> fields.
> At this point nothing I've found will import these files. Excel,
> OpenOffice, even Access itself all treat the CR/LF as an end of record
> marker even if it is enclosed in quotes.
> I'm not doing the data exporting from Access and I'm not that familiar
> with Access. Is there an option to strip CR/LF during export?
> Any other suggestions on how to clean this data?
> Thanks
> -- 
> John Lange
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