[RndTbl] rm -r crippled in Red Hat 8

Michael J. Dikkema mjd at moot.ca
Sat Jul 10 16:01:56 CDT 2004

On Sat, 10 Jul 2004, millward wrote:

> To my surprise, rm -r does not work in
> Red Hat 8. I tried to rub out a directory
> full of files and sub-directories and
> Red Hat asked for confirmation of deletion
> for each and every file! I had to hit "y"
> 30 times just to delete the files in one
> sub-directory alone. This is disgusting.
> How do I get rm * and rm -r to work
> properly in Red Hat 8 ?

unalias rm

it's probably set to rm -i.


Michael J. Dikkema, CCNP, CCIP
Senior Systems Engineer - Qanda Networks
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