[RndTbl] RedHat 7.1 & ATA100

Raymond J. Henry rayhenry at nashmet.com
Fri Mar 28 10:52:25 CST 2003

Looking for someone to steer me in the right direction to getting my RH 7.1
box to run at ATA100. Did all sorts of searches, and have come up
empty-handed so far. It's defaulting to 33. If anyone can give me a link or
point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.

AMD Duron 1.1 GHz
ECS K7SEM (http://ecsusa.com/products/k7sem.html)
Maxtor 80 GIG ATA100 5400 RPM IDE
RedHat 7.1 w/all up2date updates, kernel 2.4.18

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