[RndTbl] Canadian LUGs and SCO

bill traynor btraynor at linux.ca
Fri Jul 25 12:06:00 CDT 2003

In light of the recent response by the Australian Open Source community 
to the SCO issue, talks have been taking place at the Ottawa/Carleton 
LUG whether the Canadian Open Source community should respond as well.   
I recently received the following from Dave, at OCLUG:

Over on OCLUG's board-of-directors mailing list, we have been
discussing changing the LUG's approach to SCO's nonsense -- see
http://oclug.on.ca/archives/oclug-board/2003-July/004550.html .  I'm
wondering if other Canadian LUGs might collectively be
thinking along the same lines?  If so, perhaps our LUGs can cooperate
on some sort of action(s) to oppose what the SCO Group are doing. If we
need *one* place to meet and discuss this, may I suggest #clue-talk on
irc.freenode.net ?

So, if anyone wants to join us on Freenode, channel #clue-talk and/or 
join the discuss at linux.ca mailing list here: 
http://www.ss.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss/ I'm sure the discussions 
will be good.

There is also a WIKI page in the works.

Bill Traynor
Canadian Linux Users Exchange

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