[RndTbl] Red Hat Mirrors for 8.0

Mike Pfaiffer mike at digitalcivilization.ca
Mon Sep 30 14:51:35 CDT 2002

Mel Seder wrote:
> has anyone found a site that isn't too bogged down with traffic.
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	Wait a week or so. This way the traffic will decrease. You would also 
have the benefit of multiple opinions from those who do manage to grab it.

	I read the review they mentioned on Slashdot. She seemed of two minds on 
it. Some features she liked and others she detested. I was kind of 
disappointed she didn't talk about how it worked on lower end systems. 
I'm thinking it might be worth it to switch to Mandrake 9.X when it's 
stable. OTOH I wonder if it would be a smarter move until v3.0 of the 
kernel is out...


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