[RndTbl] Re: [TLUG]: ipchicken.com and access by an outside PC

Mel Seder melseder at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 7 14:10:05 CDT 2002

 telnet 333 returned the following message; " Unable to
connect to remote host: No route to host". 

 So I opened up the User's Guide and page 27 showed "telnet
333".  I tried that one and was cheerfully greeted with a password
prompt which I responded to by pressing the enter key.  The heading for
the section that the "telnet 333" was in was titled
changing passwords and I didn't want to muck anything so I typed "quit"
at the prompt and exited.

Perhaps I could have explored a bit but the chicken in me took over and
I didn't go poking around.  I began to wonder if I might be better off
in the long run to get a new broadband router.  I saw one on
futureshop.ca that was a D-Link 4 Port 10/100BT Broadband Router for
$139.99.  The set up I have now is a router and a hub.  There are
possibly other benefits than making my workspace a little cleaner and
more compact but I don't know what they are.  The spec sheet on the
broadband router mentioned linux support.  I don't know what linux
support might have meant but I suspect that it was a program to let you
get at the router settings for allowing outsiders to get at my PC by
allowing traffic on certain ports.

I use Shaw Internet as my ISP and way back (maybe four or five years
ago) when I got my router a friend who set it up for me poked a
"computer/server name?" into the router and since then I've been on the
net.  Prior to getting the router I was connected to the net until Shaw
switched to assigning dynamic IP addresses.  My friend said to get a
router and that solved the problem for me.  By the way I have two dula
boot computers,  one upstairs and one downstairs  thats the reason for
the HUB.

IIRC from reading posts to the lists Shaw no longer needs that
"computer/server name" to be put in the router.  Watching my friend
hook up the router I observed that it was a painless procedure.  Hook
up the  cable modem to the router and then plug in the cables from the
PC's into the HUB.

Words like lease and   MAC addresses stick in my mind and I was
wondering if I will be presented with problems if and when I try
replace my current router and hub with a single Broadband Router & Hub

I'm not very comfortable with networking as you can probably tell :-) 
Any comments on any of the above will be welcomed.

Comments anyone?

--- Keith Mastin <kmastin at beechtree.ca> wrote:
> >I have a D-Link DI-701 router.
> >Does anyone know if I can to it?
> I got the manual in less than 2 minutes...
> Page 16
> telnet 333
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