[RndTbl] query on mrtg ...

Dan Keizer ve4drk at mts.net
Thu Oct 17 21:29:04 CDT 2002

G'day eh ...

I've been running mrtg for a little while now on a machine at work .. 
it's logging my ethernet traffic and another couple of boxes just fine 
... but ... I'm not sure how to change a setting and can't seem to find 
any reference to it that makes sense ... so I'll ask ...

during peak transfer rates, the graph will be automatically scaled so it 
displays the full range of the transfer rates (ie: it'll show 900Kbps 
peaked) .. normally, my bandwidth utilization on an idle system is 
anywhere from 3K to 30K depending on the application being used (don't 
ask!) ... the problem then, when it peaks, it will make the rest of the 
graph utilization very small (ie: scaled down) to fit in the large 
transfer rate -- which makes it very difficult to visualize the now 
small differences.

What I'm looking for is to cap the transfer rate on a specific image 
(target) so that I can more easily identify it's normal running state 
and the small effects during the course of a day/week (regardless of 
it's peak transfer rates) ....  I've seen some references to items that 
sound similar, but cannot easily identify which ones might be pertinent 
... rather than going through all the different permutations and trying 
them out on a day by day basis, anyone have any ideas as to what options 
I might be able to use to accomplish this??



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