[RndTbl] Router Config Confuses me

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 14 22:55:36 CDT 2002

Mel Seder wrote:
> D-Link DI-701
> I have three open ports that I added using the vserv command of my
> router's software.
> I can use all the other main ports ie 80, 25 and various IM programs
> and I never had to go in and add these ports to the open list.
> The show command doesn't show ports 80 or 25 as being open.  How do
> some programs have the ability to use these ports without them being in
> the allowed list and others such as ftp (20 & 21) need to be added with
> the vserv command?
> =====
> MelSeder at yahoo.com

The router is only redirecting server ports. You are using port 80, 25, 
etc as a client not a server so there is no need to tell the router 
anything. It allows all connections to the outside and only block 
initial connections coming in.

-- Bill

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