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One of your only options is 3Ware. They are really nice _hardware_ RAID
cards. The Promise Fastrack IDE RAID cards actually do the RAID in the
drivers (so they are really software raid), which means the Linux drivers
are closed source. When I tried using a Promise card, I found out that their
definition of being supported under Linux meant a stock RedHat 6.2 kernel OR
a stock RedHat 7.0 kernel. We tried for hours to get them to work with a
ReiserFS patched RedHat 7.0 kernel, but it wouldn't work. Personally I
wouldn't buy a Promise card.

I have 5 3Ware cards at work (one in a Linux machine, we bought the 3Ware
after messing around with the Promise card) many in servers with > 1
Terabyte. They are really nice cards and they work great. They are more
expensive than the Promise cards, but they do actual hardware RAID. They
also put one drive on each cable, so each drive can run at full speed.

Adaptec also has IDE Raid cards (both hardware and software), but I have
never used them.


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Hi all.
	 Does anyone have any recommendations for ide controller cards?  I have a
266 with 384 ram running Red Hat 7.2.

	Any ideas would be appreciated.

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