[RndTbl] DDR motherboards

author millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Thu Mar 21 16:57:30 CST 2002

Can anyone give me advice on a good DDR motherboard ?
I'm looking at the Computer Avenue price list.
   Soyo SYK7V  $225
    ABiT KG7      $204
    Epox 8KHA    $140
    IWiLL KA 266Plus  ?
 They list KK 266PLus but its only PC-133, but
  they also sell the DDR  iWiLL KA 266Plus as
  part of a Duron system.
Anyway, I'm interested in any good DDR motherboard
from any vendor.  Are there any that are exceptionally
 good? I'm especially interested in avoiding anything
 that is exceptionally bad.
  This is for a home system, not a server.
   Duron 1200 socket A
   I expect to put  256 Megs DDR on it and run
   a dual boot Win98 / Red Hat system.
 Why is it walking into a computer store feels like
  walking onto a used car lot?
  Any advice would be most welcome.

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