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Robert Brockway robert at timetraveller.org
Fri Jun 21 22:39:46 CDT 2002

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, Mel Seder wrote:

Hmm...multiple lists - well I'll reply to all.  Might bounce :)

> Does anyone know of a user interface that brings the action to where
> your mouse is sitting.  Instead of taking me off to the side somewhere

This really sounds like a traditional window manager.  I still use fvwm2
as it is (imho) still a great interface.  With the mouse point on the root
window (background) I can make the following clicks:

left:	Drop down menu of all my favourite apps.  Multi-tiered and written
	from scratch (modified over years & years to be just right for 

middle:	All my current windows listed in a drop down menu.  Move to the 
	one I want & click on it.  They are grouped by my virtual desktops

right:	Some general fvwm2 functions.  Largely ignored actually - I could
	probably better use the position.

By definition all of your functions are near your mouse pointer where ever 
it is (the nearest bit of root window visible).

The settings above are totally configurable.  I've long felt that this
structure was far superior to the "start" button of a popular OS or any of
the user interfaces that have mimicked it.  The structure of using the
mouse pointer on the root window to invoke menus is common among window
managers but seems to have dropped out of common use recently (I don't use
Gnome or KDE default window managers much but I recall they didn't seemed
to flow as well, at least imho).  Please no window manager flame wars -
just expressing an opinion :)

> and forcing me to move the mouse cursor to the question,  let the
> question come to where my mouse cursor is.  Don't force us users to
> waltz that mouse across our desks all day long.

Indeed - it must contribute to RSI.

> That will become a big boost in productivity I think.

I'm damn fast with my highly personalised UI :)

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