[RndTbl] I read an interesting post on the web today

Mel Seder melseder at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 20 16:25:45 CDT 2002

I'm anxiously following the Microsoft battle with the nine states and 
a litigation feud with  BURST (some kind of protocol) people. The
posing indicated  Microsoft pretended they were going to buy the
techology but instead they stole the code and changed windows so that
the BURST protocol wouldn't run. Only the new and improved M$ version
would execute.  I don't know if this is BullShit or not.  If  it is
true and hits the press this would be very restrictive for  Microsoft's
future at this stage of the Judges deliberations.

I hope the Judge will show courage and stand up for the Americans and
for the rest of the world too.  I think the time is just right for a
well built operating system like linux to grow and become even better
not even richer.

Has anyone seen this story posted by a reliable news site?

"The sooner you make five thousand mistakes,  the sooner you will be able to correct them." - Kimon Nicolaides

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