[RndTbl] stuck in tar

Brock Wolfe obwolfe at shaw.ca
Thu Jul 11 10:38:21 CDT 2002

After cloning a hard disk I discovvered missing files on the target hard drive.  After looking around it seems that tar did not include files from multiple locations on the source hard drive.  In a specific case it failed to include 6 files from the /sbin directory.  
The tar command used (login as root) on the source disk ( RH 7.1, ext2 ) was :

tar cvplf /var/tmp/root.tar /

Repeating this exercise on a (RH 6.2 ext2) box did not duplicate the problem of missing 6 files.

Repeating the following command on the orginal source disk (RH7.1 ext2) reproduced the problem of missing 6 files..

tar cvplf  /var/tmp/sbin.tar  /sbin

I would just move these 6 files over by other means but there are too many files in other partitions missing to make this practical.

Any ideas on the source of the problem?

Brock Wolfe
"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." 
--- Henry Ford

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