[RndTbl] FTP problems

Mike Pfaiffer mike at digitalcivilization.ca
Tue Jul 2 08:47:20 CDT 2002

S/C Conway wrote:
> G'Day,
>     I have been trying for months to connect to a vendors FTP site using
> my Linux box (RH7.2), with no success. I can connect to the site but
> when I issue a command (e.g cd or get <filename> I recieve ENTERING
> PASSIVE MODE (IP ADDRESS) and after some time connection timeout. I know
> the box at the other end is NT4.0.
>     If I use a windows 98 O/S no problems.
>    Does anyone have some suggestions to analyize the problem? I can use
> some links to do some reading if you have them.
> Sean
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	I gather the trend in ftp servers is to use something called passive mode 
(I have no idea what the difference is). Some of the older programs do 
not support it transparently. I've connected successfully with gftp.


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