[RndTbl] File system question again

author millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Fri Feb 15 08:16:37 CST 2002

Just so I get it right, could someone
tell me how much disk space to give "/" ?
I'm installing Red Hat 7.2 and I've
got 14 gigs of extended space on the
hard drive. This is the intended plan:
 /dev/hda7   /   space ?
      hda8   /boot  100 megs
      hda9   /var    3 gigs
      hda10  /usr    8 gigs
      hda11  /home   100 megs
      hda12  /swap   2 x memory = 768 megs
Can I expect any complications
from Red Hat 7.1 boot menu? I suspect
its taken over the MBR.
That's one reason I have not wiped RH 7.1
though its practically useless now.
I hope its not holding my Win98 and
 Slackware7.1 hostage.
Any advice would be very welcome. 
I'd like to get RH7.2 going this weekend.

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