[RndTbl] Partitioning (again)

Sean A. Walberg sean at ertw.com
Tue Feb 5 11:15:52 CST 2002

Write down what you need outside a regular setup

logging (/var)
mail (/var)
users/domains (/home)

Since you've got space to waste, you might do the following

/ - 500M
/boot - 50M
/var - 3G
/usr - 8G
/home - what's left

In a pinch, you've got the option to move mail and/or logging to something
on /home.


On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, Raymond J. Henry wrote:

> OK, I've wandered about the Web, and read what I could find about
> partitioning. I don't know if I'm too stupid or what, but I still can't
> decide how to partition my drive. Perhaps someone could be kind enough to at
> least give me some pointers in "Linux Partitioning For Dummies" format.....
> :/
> I'm going to be running a 20 GIG drive. The system will be used for a Web
> server. At this time, DNS, mail, and Apache will all be run off the same
> machine. As time passes and my level of Linux knowledge grows, more machines
> will be added to distribute load. For now, concern is not running out of
> room on any one partition. Being new to this, I have no idea how much room
> anything requires.
> Right now, I've just got / and the swap partition. I'd like to make multiple
> partitions, and play with disk quotas. I suspect I'll be supporting about
> 6 - 8 small domains on this system, with say a dozen mail users on each
> domain.
> Here's the goods on the box:
> Duron 850
> 512 MEGs RAM
> RedHat 7.1 (with Apache, PHP, MYSQL, sendmail, DNS, etc.).
> Hopefully someone can give me some ideas that will make a light go
> on........
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