[RndTbl] Gnome=Microsoft?

author millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Sun Feb 3 07:39:19 CST 2002

Thanks for all your replies.
Yes I do know there's nothing
wrong with making a buck from free
software, otherwise there'd be no
Red Hat among other distributions,
but I draw the line at Microsoft.
I don't want anything to do with
their stuff, including their ideas
on how things should be run, like .Net.
Call me paranoid, but I think .Net
is just another way for big bill to
slither his way around. I don't even
like the idea of .Net compatibility.
It's too risky. Microsoft doesn't create
these ideas for fun and games. I think
.Net is a trap and Gnome is walking right
into it. But that's just my opinion.
  Again, thanks for the information.

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