[RndTbl] Re: [TLUG]: Red Hat 7.3 Installation on a XP Box

Ruby ~Lys~ Rossitier inconnu at rogers.com
Fri Aug 30 01:29:52 CDT 2002

Every time I install RH (any version) I need to regenerate MBR on my
hda. (Put Install floppy for Win95 in fd0/a: then fdisk /mbr)

I download the ISOs to hda (a Windows drive) and install Linux to hdb (a
Linux drive)

No fancy foot work on the bootup. Linux is floppy booted; Windows boots
from hda/c:

Actually I tried to dual boot but never could get it to work, putting down
the failure to the lame brained Compaq BIOS I have on my museum piece
box. But that's a blessing in disguise really. Linux can see hda, but
Windows can't see hdb/d: so I have a measure of protection there.


Please direct replies to the list. I never check Rogers Mail Boxes.

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On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Mel Seder wrote:

> My friend wants to try Linux on his brand new 2.2 Ghz P4.  He has a DSL
> connection to the internet from Manitoba Telecom (our provincial phone
> company).
> He is running Windows XP.  Is there anything to watch out for when
> doing the install? I've installed many many times on a Win98 box but
> never to an XP machine.
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