[RndTbl] Server config

Brock Wolfe obwolfe at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 30 19:06:47 CDT 2002

I am looking at building a high reliability, fault tolerant file server to store 300 plus GB worth of files. Reliability is needed b/c a sysadmin will not always be around/on-site to ensure full backups are made regularly. I am assuming RAID 5 array, for data 
and seperate drive(s) for OS (RH 7.x), redundant power supplies.  Any suggestions (voice of experience) on:
- Motherboard/CPU combo's
- Server Cases
- RAID host cards (3ware-IDE, Mylex-SCSI)
- High(er) MTBF  IDE, SCSI Hard drives (I don't want another 60/75GXP fiasco) <g>.
- Tape drives (DLT, DAT, etc)

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.


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