[RndTbl] Linux on MTS ADSL

Bill Reid reid at govideon.net
Tue Apr 23 11:12:06 CDT 2002

Brian Doob wrote:
>         I just moved to an apartment where I'll be getting MTS ADSL (Shaw High
> Speed is not available).  How do I set up Linux to use it?  I know you
> need to use PPPoE, but I don't know how to do that.  I have heard that
> you need to make other adjustments to take proper advantage of it.  I'm
> getting "Starter DSL" (to start with), but I don't think that makes a
> difference.  I'm currently running both Red Hat 7.2 and Gentoo 1.1a.
> How do I set things up?  Thanks.

A neat single disk Linux image which supports PPPoE can be generated at


Via the Web page you generate a disk image to match your configuration.
Worked the first time when I tried it on PPPoE. 

Great if you want to run an old PC as a firewall.

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