[RndTbl] X remote login

Ihor Jakowec ijakowec at mts.net
Wed Apr 17 16:07:47 CDT 2002

I would like to login to  the University of Winnipeg's
mainframe, with an X window interface, from my personal
computer at home.  Up to now I have just been logging in
with telnet ( in text mode).

Remote login in to the  University of Manitoba's computer 
can be accomplished with just a one line command.  
However, this does not work with the University of 
Winnipeg's machine.  I suspect that an xconfigure file 
or possibly environment settings could be required, either 
for my home machine or on my account at the University 
of Winnipeg (or at both places).

Are there any recommendations as to how I can remote 
login (with an X interface), to the University of Winnipeg?


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