[RndTbl] Mac to PC serial

author millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Wed Nov 21 20:56:15 CST 2001

Thanks Gilbert. Got  files sent both ways between the MacSE and PC.
The PC ( a 486 with Slackware3.6 ) will only download in Xmodem,
but can send in Zmodem. The only real problem left is the PC speaker.
Minicom gets it beeping after a successful upload or download, which
is fine, except it doesn't turn off. It goes into a terrible howl until
I exit minicom and press any key on the command line. So I disconnected
the 486 speaker to save my ears and all is well.
Next I want to figure out the pin connections and make a cable just
for this connection. As it is now, I'm using a Mac modem cable,
a Null modem cable, and a gender converter, all for this one task,
which seems a waste.
 Thanks again!

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