[RndTbl] Null modem serial connection minicom

author millward at Ms.UManitoba.CA
Tue Nov 20 19:58:44 CST 2001

I'm trying to set up a nullmodem serial connection between
a PC (Linux) and a MacSE (OS6.04). I've got some files I want
to pump into the old Mac without having to mess with its floppy
drive. Anyway, I've got the computers connected with the
correct hardware, that is, a Mac serial modem cable pluged
into a a 25 pin null modem cable. Zterm on the Mac is all set,
but I'm not sure how to set up minicom for a pure serial connection.
Everthing I've read about minicom is for a modem, not a 
serial connection. So here is the question:
How do you set up minicom for a simple null modem serial connection?
Any information would be appreciated.

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