[RndTbl] Plan to gather a proposal to my school to include more comprehensive Linux training

Geek geek at geeksworld.net
Thu Dec 6 03:15:30 CST 2001

I am seriously considering getting a group together to make a proposal up
that will be presented to my college to encourage them to include more Linux
in the lessons we get. Anyone want to volunteer to help come up with this? I
know Winnipeg isn't much in the global scheme of the open source community,
but I really think that this would be a small beginning, and could lay a
foundation for anyone else who wants to approach a school, be it a post
secondary or high school. Instead of doing the NT 4 section we did, or in
the place of another section that is not needed, the business applications
section, we could have done a Linux one, and in the four weeks or so we will
be doing of Linux later we could do a small part on BSD or something. I
think it is possible to get it in there, even with the already hectic
schedule. I know this will not solve the problems, but I have little
intention on running a network on Windows, and anywhere I get hired my first
goal would be to convince the higher ups to move to the more secure and
lower TCO That is found only in Linux. Any ideas for a plan? Some of the
points against Linux that have been made by the instructor against Linux are
as follows:
-Lack of demand
-Hardly any servers running Linux locally or nationally
-No official training materials
-No need for Linux administrators

There are more, but this is an impromptu idea, so I have not compiled the
whole list. Anyone with idea, please feel free to email me, or post to one
of these lists. Thanks.

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