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Thu Jan 6 11:34:37 CST 2022

Hello, all.
We’ve been working on the new server for MUUG for quite some time, and we’re ready to (try to) switch over this Friday, Jan 7th around 19:00 (7pm).  Since this is a bit of a shoestring operation, we expect this to go well, but not necessarily perfectly.

The server currently provides these main public services, and the new server should just continue these (more or less) uninterrupted:

  *   HTTP & HTTP/S access to the MUUG website and the mirror content
  *   FTP access to the MUUG FTP site and the mirror content
  *   Rsync access to the mirror content
  *   SMTP access for individual @muug.ca emails as well as mailman-managed mailing lists
  *   NTP server in the global, north American, and Canadian pools

One area of concern is sendmail/mailman, i.e. the mailing lists.  So if your emails to roundtable at muug.ca<mailto:roundtable at muug.ca> (et al.) aren’t working, there’s probably a good reason for that!

The other area that might cause problems for some users, is the content mirroring – some upstream sources apply ACLs such that only the production MUUG server can rsync from them.  We’ve done our best to mitigate that, but it’s possible that it could take a day or so to fully catch up.

So if you notice anything wrong on Friday or Saturday… meh.  Let us know, in case we aren’t already aware?  But there’s a fairly good chance we already know and are already trying to fix it.
However, if you notice anything wrong next week – definitely, please tell us!  That most likely means we’ve missed something.  If emails to board at muug.ca<mailto:board at muug.ca> don’t seem to work, email me directly at athompso at athompso.net<mailto:athompso at athompso.net>.

Huge thanks go to Sean Cody and Ken Zorniak from Tangent Animation for allowing MUUG to acquire newer, known-good hardware, at a price more appropriate to a group that only charges a $20/yr membership fee!

Some of you will be wondering what the difference is, so here’s the major differences:
Old server
New server
6 years old
approx. 3 years old
*rackspace donated by Les.net*
*rackspace donated by Les.net*
1x PSU
*power donated by Les.net*
2x PSU, also roughly 2x the current draw
*power donated by Les.net*
12 x 5400rpm SATA
24 x 7200rpm SAS
3 (2xSATA, 1xNVMe)
5 (4xSATA, 1xNVMe)
Can add at least 5 more NVMe
1 x Xeon E3-1230v3 (3.3GHz)
8 cores
2x Xeon E5-2620v4 (2.1GHz)
32 cores
32G installed, 32G max
64G installed, 2TB max
2x1G (usable) + 2x10G (unusable)
*1G connection donated by Les.net*
4x1G (usable) + 2x10G (finally usable!)
*10G connection donated by Les.net*
PCIe slots
1 low-profile
7 full-size
Can push ~800Mbps, with a tail wind
Easily reached 4Gbps in testing

That’s all for now,

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