[Muug] MUUG Meeting, Sept 11, 7:30pm -- Open Source Geospatial Software

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Tue Aug 28 16:49:47 CDT 2007

The Manitoba UNIX User Group (MUUG) will be holding its next monthly
meeting on Tuesday, September 11.  The meeting topic for this month is
as follows:

   A Survey of Open Source Geospatial Software

   This presentation will briefly describe what open source software
   is and how it is licensed along with some examples of widely used
   open-source software. What to look for as a user of open-source
   software will also be presented. Then the field of open-source
   geospatial  software  will  be described from the organization
   coordinating the development to the types of open source geospatial
   software  such as map servers, database management systems and
   mapping clients. If time permits then the presentation will conclude
   with demonstrations of some open-source geospatial software.

   Bob Bruce, P.Eng., Geomatics Support Engineer, Lands and Mapping
   Branch  of Manitoba Conservation, will be our speaker for this
   presentation.  Bob  specializes  in  software applications for
   Geomatics, in particular Property Mapping Applications. Bob is a
   registered Professional Engineer in Manitoba, and a member of the
   Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba
   (APEGM) Professional Development Committee. Bob also does web-based
   PHP programming and database design in his spare time. Recently he
   has  developed  a mapping interface for the Murals of Winnipeg
   website,  where  Winnipeg's  murals  can be viewed using a map

The group holds its general meetings at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of
every month from September to June.  (There are no meetings in July and
August.) Meetings are open to the general public; you don't have to be a
MUUG member to attend.

   Please note our meeting location: The IBM offices, at 400 Ellice Ave.
   (between Edmonton and Kennedy). When you arrive, you will have to
   sign in at the reception desk, and then wait for someone to take you
   (in groups) to the meeting room. Please try to arrive by about 7:15pm, 
   so the meeting can start promptly at 7:30pm. Don't be late, or you may
   not get in.  (But don't come too early either, since security may not
   be there to let you in before 7:15 or so.) Non-members may be required
   to show photo ID at the security desk.

   Limited parking is available for free on the street, either on Ellice
   Ave. or on some of the intersecting streets. Indoor parking is also
   available nearby, at Portage Place, for $3.00 for the evening. Bicycle
   parking is available in a bike rack under video surveillance located
   behind the building on Webb Place.

For more information about MUUG, and its monthly meetings, check out their
Web server:


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Manitoba UNIX User Group	Web:	http://www.muug.mb.ca/
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