[Muug] VMware Offer - last chance to respond!

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Thu Mar 11 17:20:38 CST 2004

In the most recent issue of MUUG Lines, we wrote...


VMWare Offer

Last chance to have your name submitted for the VMWare offer.

"If you send us a list of your members' names and email addresses (with their
permission!), when they support our Linux development efforts by purchasing
a copy of VMware Workstation, we will send them a $100 rebate. The program
for Linux group members will begin on December 22, 2003.

In the next 6 weeks, we'll also be providing all registrants with a referral
code. This code will both provide your colleagues with a 5% discount off of
VMware Workstation and provide you with 15 VMware Points when they purchase
it on our web site. Approximately every 6 weeks, we ll send you a statement
of your points earned, at which point you can redeem them for various
product and merchandise."

If you are interested in this promotion and want us to submit your name
and email to VMWare, please send us an email to vmware at muug.mb.ca.


To date, we've only had two responses to this request (which also ran in the
January and February issues).  So, on the off-chance that people are not
reading the newsletter, but are actually interested in the offer, or maybe
they've just been meaning to respond but needed one last nudge, here it is:

This is your last chance to take advantage of this offer.  We'll be
collecting any additional responses we receive at the address
<vmware at muug.mb.ca> until the end of next week, i.e. midnight on Saturday,
March 20, and sending those addresses (along with the two already received)
to VMware early the following week.  They will then contact you with details
on how to get your $100 rebate.

So, if you're interested, respond now, before you forget!

Gilbert E. Detillieux		E-mail: <gedetil at muug.mb.ca>
Manitoba UNIX User Group	Web:	http://www.muug.mb.ca/
PO Box 130 St-Boniface		Phone: (204)474-8161
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