[Muug] Mid Canada Information Security Conference (MCISC)

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Howdy folks!

I thought I'd pass this along to the MUUG mailing lists.  I'll
likely announce it at the next MUUG meeting, but the April 1st
early registration deadline will have passed by then.

MUUG is not sponsoring or in any way affiliated with this event,
but I thought it might be of interest to members...

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Subject: Mid Canada Information Security Conference (MCISC)
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 21:04:45 -0600
Organization: IPAM
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The Information Protection Association of Manitoba (
<http://www.ipam.mb.ca/> www.ipam.mb.ca) is hosting an information
security conference on April 30, 2003 at the Winnipeg Convention Center.
Obviously, security is an area of interest that MUUG and IPAM members
MCISC brings together the implementers and  developers of the hottest
information security technologies.  The conference avoids the "just
another sales presentation" stigma and gets world experts to deliver
real technical education to attendees.  
While the conference is supported by vendor sponsorship, the event is
totally non-profit, is offered at a reasonable attendee cost ($50
including lunch till April 1), and helps further the goals of IPAM,
which are:
*	To bring together industry professionals to present and discuss
information security challenges and solutions. 

*	To build understanding of the most recent trends and
developments in the industry. 

*	To share ideas, experience and insights into technical aspects
of information systems security. 

*	To enhance management and control of information systems

*	To develop contacts with other individuals, organizations and
suppliers in the industry. 

I would be happy to provide any additional information about the
conference for your membership.

Shawn Lukaschuk - IPAM MCISC Chair

   mcisc at ipam.mb.ca



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