[Muug] News Jobs mail list

muug-announce-admin at muug.mb.ca muug-announce-admin at muug.mb.ca
Tue Feb 11 23:09:17 CST 2003

jobs at muug.mb.ca  is up and running.

The purpose is for companies to post job listings and for people to post 
resumes. As with the other lists only list members can directly post to 
the list. For non-members a posting will have to be approved (usually a 
very short delay).

I will shortly be configuring mailman to remove email addresses from the 
archives. This will also change any mailto: URLs.


Bill Reid                      Page    993 Dorchester Ave.
Network Consultant, Retired  935-1432  Winnipeg, MB  R3M 0P9
University of Manitoba                 (204) 452-6590

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