[Muug] Re: MUUG Meeting, Sept 11, 7:30PM -- Linux At The Movies

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Tue Sep 11 15:37:07 CDT 2001

In article <9n31q6$m2t$1 at canopus.cc.umanitoba.ca>, on September 4, I wrote:
>    Please note our meeting location:  IBM Canada's offices in the TD
>    Centre, at the corner of Portage and Main. We gather in the lobby on
>    the main floor - please try to be there by about 7:15 PM. Steve Moffat
>    will then take us up to the meeting room just before the meeting
>    starts at 7:30. Don't be late, or you may not get in.

I've received quite a few phone calls and e-mail queries about this, so I
thought I'd let everyone know...

*** The MUUG meeting is still on for tonight, as previously scheduled. ***

Steve Moffat, our MUUG contact at IBM, has been in touch with the building
security staff at the TD Centre, and they've told him that there will be no
problem with us having access to the building after hours.  So, it's
business as usual.

Apparent rumours about the TD Centre having been evacuated are nothing more
than rumours.

Hope to see you at the meeting, despite today's tragic events.

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