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Tom Tessier ttessier at solaradata.com
Thu May 19 13:29:23 CDT 2022

Hello All,
Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated (Solara) is seeking a Telecommunications Data System Manager with a passion for satellites and space. As lead of our Systems Operations team, you will maintain and further develop a leading-edge hybrid satellite and cellular communication network that will transform the way satellite communications is used today.
This position requires someone familiar with the secure operation and application development methodology of Linux/UNIX server systems, that thrives in a dynamic cross-functional organization that is not afraid to debate ideas openly, and is flexible enough to pivot on new requirements. In a few months you will also be joining a team flying a space mission.
Join us, and you will contribute to bringing communications to unserved areas, changing our world.
Your main tasks will be:

  *   Taking responsibility over the maintenance and upgrading of our satellite and cellular SMS message and GPS location management system.
  *   Leading the interfacing of a virtual mobile phone system (MVNO) to our existing satellite communication system and others in the future.
  *   Maintaining and expanding our customer experience log-in account and billing system.
  *   Conducting updates to our online sales web pages.
  *   Maintaining and expanding SQL databases. Design and management of databases is an integral part of all these duties.
  *   Ensuring the integrity of customer privacy and company security architecture.
  *   Supporting engineering, marketing and administration personnel in system design and operations as needed.
You will have the following competencies:

  *   Organize your own work plan and schedule in unison with company Data Systems operational plans, engineering design support and operational needs of administration and customer service.
  *   Being the technical authority on the company servers, communication links and data systems.
  *   Participation in decisions at the systems and operational levels.
Your responsibilities will be:

  *   Committing to the objectives of Solara.
  *   Adapting your work methods to the agile methodology.
  *   Delivery of work on time and of high quality.
  *   Contributing to cross-functional design, implementation and verification activities.
  *   Working with contractors and suppliers to ensure timely, cost-effective and high-quality results.
  *   Supervision of systems employees and interns.
  *   Providing inputs to support business level processes and decisions.
You shall have the following professional qualifications:

  *   B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent experience in a similar production environment.
  *   Strong expertise in Linux operating systems and SQL databases is essential.
  *   Expertise in Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, Postgresql and Javascript are preferred.
  *   Demonstrated ability to document systems for testing, review and troubleshooting.
  *   Strong communication skills for working as part of a development team with hardware engineers and interfacing with customers.
  *   Experience in working with machine-to-machine communications systems and secure interfacing with external systems an asset.
  *   Experience with Microsoft Office suite.
As a successful candidate, your personal attitude will be aligned with the following:

  *   You acknowledge that Solara is a leader in giving the world new ways to communicate that customers depend on for enjoyment, business continuity and safety, and you are ready to go the extra mile when needed.
  *   You are eager to work with a team that helps one another, shares thoughts and ideas, and respects one another in our diversity and unique life experiences.
  *   You thrive being part of a team of highly skilled, experience and efficient teammates.
  *   You are a solution-oriented person who can comfortably manage uncertainty and sees opportunity in risks.
  *   You know "perfection" is the enemy of "completed on time and within specification".
  *   All in all, you want to be part of the future of Solara, the company that will transform the way satellite and cellular communications are used today.
In exchange, Solara will offer you a permanent employment contract with the most flexible work conditions, three weeks paid leave and an attractive compensation package.
Tom Tessier, President of Solara, is looking forward to receiving your resume at: ttessier  at solaradata   dott   com.
Thank you for your interest! All the best,

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